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Balsam Dental Centre has been serving patients in the Greater Vancouver area for more than 15 years. Located in the commercial district of Kerrisdale in the Vancouver west side, our clinic provides a caring and professional environment with the up-to-date dental equipment. Part of our commitment is to provide the best services to our patients with the focus on providing you with the best treatment option for you.

With “every patient is unique” in mind, Balsam Dental Centre is committed to respecting every patient’s needs, affordability, and schedules. From basic dental care to implants to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Mina Kim continually educates herself in the latest dental techniques and technologies.

Informed consent is another emphasis in our practice. Patients are always informed in each procedure involving costs, risks, benefits, and alternatives before proceeding. Not only because this is considered the standard of care in today’s dentistry, this informed consent will allow you to make decisions on what best suits your needs, values, and schedules.

We have a very strong and knowledgable dental hygiene team. Our dental clinic is fully aware of the fact that the underlying gum and bone tissues that support the teeth are very critical to the success of any treatment rendered. Therefore we pay particular attention to the well being of each patient’s periodontal condition. The cornerstone of our practice is the dental hygiene maintenance program in order that you have a long lasting beautiful smile.

Our main goal is to ensure your comfort and well being at every dental visit. Dr. Mina Kim employs a gentle touch along with focusing on pain management, to ensure that all patients leave with a positive experience.  We always try our best to accommodate all emergency requests and bill directly to your dental insurance as an added service to our valuable patients.

Scientific studies have shown that the mouth and the smile are the most important features on the face for your social attractiveness. At Balsam Dental, our team is dedicated to creating the most beautiful and healthy smile that will last you lifetime. We hope you choose Dr. Kim to be your Kerrisdale dentist.

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