The Dentist Dr. Mina Kim

Dr. Mina Kim Balsam Dental

Dr. Mina Kim is the dentist and owner of Balsam Dental Centre. She offers informed treatment for her patients that is delivered in the gentlest manner.

Dr. Mina Kim’s educational journey started at the University of Toronto where she received her Bachelors and Masters degrees. She went on to earn a doctor of dental medicine degree from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Kim’s passion for education has endured throughout her professional career, and she takes hours of continuing education to keep up with the latest techniques and products available to patients.
Dr. Kim’s passion for education is equaled by her enthusiasm for patient care and comfort. She has a unique ability to help her patients overcome their dental fears in order to undergo the necessary treatments that help to maintain their oral health. In accomplishing this feat, Dr. Kim uses her outstanding communication skills and relies on gentle technique to soothe the nerves of anxious patients.  Dr. Mina Kim’s favourite aspect of her profession is building a long-term relationship with her patients to maintain, improve, or enhance their oral health.
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