The Team

Balsam Dental's hygienist

Lynette brings a combination of experience and the softest touch when treating her patients

Balsam Dental’s Hygienist:

Lynette has been working at Balsam Dental for more than 18 years, building a foundation of trust with so many of Balsam Dental’s patients.  Her caring nature and combined with her gentle touch and attention to detail are but a few of the reasons our patients keep coming back to Balsam Dental Centre.


Laura provides attentive and detailed service to Balsam Dental’s clients

Balsam Dental’s receptionist:

Our front end-administrator Laura is the first and last person you will see smiling during your appointment.  She works hard to meet your needs from scheduling to billings while communicating with patients and their insurance companies about their treatment plans.  Laura’s warm and courteous manner, while answering phones or greeting you when you first come in,  shows how much she embodies Balsam Dental’s focus on customer service.

Balsam Dental's dental assistant

Valentina connects with Balsam Dental’s patients through attentive care and focus during all treatment procedures.

Balsam Dental’s dental assistant:

Valentina, our certified dental assistant (CDA), performs a variety of tasks to make a patient’s visit that much more comfortable.  Her role is to be the liaison between the patient and the dentist at chair side, keeping careful dental records, assisting with treatment and ensuring that cleanliness and sterilization of equipment is maintained at the highest standard.  Her strong communication skills help her instruc
t patients on postoperative and general oral healthcare.



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